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HearingHealth4U,  part of a non-profit group committed
to helping people hear better by providing quality used hearing aids at affordable pricing. 
One of the ways we accomplish this is by support of the hearing aid community.Iq scalp micropigmentation supports this cause.  We are in need of used hearing aids  to help meet the on-going growing demand of the hard of hearing that can't afford the high cost of new hearing aids.
Understanding that there are thousands of used hearing aids lying around in drawers, boxes, on shelves, etc., that could have a second chance helping someone in need hear again, we reach out to you.
Maybe you are one of these people that has an extra set or two of used hearing aids lying around, not having any use for them anymore.  We would ask you to consider donating them to help someone in need hear again.
Click HERE for questions or to find out how you can donate hearing aids.
All donations to HH4U are tax-deductible
as contributions to a 501C3 charity.
We invite you to become part of this amazing journey as we help give back the "Gift of Hearing" to people in need.  Please tell someone about this growing need we have and together we can make a difference. 
Thank You.